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Blue Sky is the expert in changing behaviour to deliver improved business results. The business focuses on making things happen for our clients, delivering on average a 200% ROI. Sustainability and long term trusted partnerships are at the heart of Blue Sky's approach.

Blue Sky Performance Improvement

At Blue Sky we are experts at changing behaviour to deliver improved business results.

 Blue Sky Performance Improvement Capita

We offer a radically common sense approach based on the latest scientific research and 18 years experience of delivering hundreds of leadership, management, sales and service transformation programmes that create performance improvement.

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  • We are a dynamic organisation and have developed over 350,000 people in 38 countries.
  • Our clients have won over 30 awards in the last eight years as a result of our programmes. 

“I have worked with Blue Sky on a number of successful programmes. They are dynamic and creative in their approach, plus they deliver with passion and pride, as if they were part of our own organisation. They understand us, our challenges and our culture as an organisation."



VINCI Construction UK

Delivering growth and profit through empowered leadership

26% increase in productivity

14% increase in turnover


Small Change Big Difference - a blended change programme

70% reduction in staff sickness

18% increase in conversion rate


Stay Connected service transformation programme

27% increase in customer satisfaction

ROI > 500%